2G Apple TV: The Specs Sheet

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Apple announced today that it will try again with Apple TV, unveiling a smaller, all-HD device that eliminates storage, available to customers in about four weeks.

Here’s what we know so far: (Updates as they’re available.)

Apple TV:

Quarter of the size of the 1G Apple TV
Built-in power supply
HDMI port (Cord sold separately)
Optical audio
Ethernet and Wi-Fi capability
Absolutely no storage, cloud-based rentals only
First run movie rentals for $4.99 (Purchases are kept for 30 days and accessible for 48 hours from when you hit play)
HD movie rentals start at $3.99, SD movie rentals start at $2.99
99-cent HD TV show rentals (ABC and Fox are first on board)
Netflix, iTunes purchases can be streamed
Access your Flickr and Mobile Me accounts
iPad or iPod touch can be used as a controller
AirPlay allows streaming from any iOS device (Coming soon)

Price: $99 (Available in 4 weeks, pre-order available today)

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