App of the Week: Nike+ GPS

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Nike’s Nike+ GPS will finally let you untie that monitoring device from your shoe and run free with your iPhone or iPod Touch, the way nature never intended.

The Nike+ App tracks your distance, speed and route with the help of the iPhone’s GPS. (If you get the app for iPod Touch, you won’t have the mapping function.) You can brag about your marathon run by uploading your info to so any of your friends or colleagues who care enough can check out your page. If you need an ego booster, the app comes with motivational messages from Nike athletes and a personal PowerSong that you can play when the course gets tough.

Here’s your reason to finally start that New Year’s resolution of losing weight before 2011 comes around. Just please don’t choose the Rocky III theme song, Eye of the Tiger, for your PowerSong. The Final Countdown by Europe is equally unacceptable.