Rumor PaTroll: Doctor Who and Gravity Rumors Debunked

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010 –

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Natalie Portman: Will she or won’t she be in “Gravity”?

Don’t believe the rumors just yet. Her publicist tells Techland the information is “totally rumor” and “very premature.”

“A lot of the information is inaccurate,” Portman’s rep said. “Everything is pretty much just rumored.”

Late last night, the Hollywood Reporter broke the story that Natalie Portman was offered the lead role in Alfonso Cuaron’s “Gravity.” The movie, which is set to shoot in January, is about a woman stranded alone on a space station after her entire crew dies. Angelina Jolie turned down the role twice, but now sources say Portman has the script and will be deciding.

“Not so fast!” says MTV. They report that director Terrence Malick has also asked Portman to star in his project about Jerry Lee Lewis, which supposedly has Brad Pitt signed on already.  But, Portman’s said that this was the first time she heard of Portman co-starring in any movie with Brad Pitt.

“We did not announce anything this morning in relation to Gravity,” she reiterated, adding that the positive press from Portman’s upcoming movie “Black Swan” has fueled lots of rumors.

We don’t know if Dr. Who’s wife will return – because the scripts haven’t been written yet

The List reported that Dr. Who’s future wife — as in he marries her in the future, not a reference to the movie The Room — River Song will be brought back and killed in a brutal fashion in the upcoming season. But, publicists in charge of the show say there’s nothing official to say. Not only do they not comment on story lines before they are officially released yet, nothing has been put down on paper.

“The scripts haven’t even been written yet!,” the publicist said. “I’m afraid there is always speculation in the press about DW storylines, and we never comment.”

While we think this would be a great twist, it’s very possible that the writers can still change their mind and go a different direction.