Comics on Our Pull List 9/9/10

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When you make your way to your Local Comic Shop this Thursday you should really bring a list. Experts agree that you shouldn’t buy comics when you’re hungry for nostalgic war stories or the exploits of a boozed up astronaut. With that in mind here are some titles to keep an eye on and as always look out for the Comic Book Club and Panel of the Week on Friday.

Batman and Robin #14
Damian Wayne’s bloody interrogation of the Joker continues and to no one’s surprise the Joker will turn the tables on the latest Robin. As Damian learns the hard way to respect one of Batman’s oldest and deadliest foes Dick Grayson is fighting for his own life. Come for Morrison’s story telling but stay for the beautiful artwork of Frazer Irving.

X-Force Sex & Violence #3
Such a shame that this mini series is only three issues. I could watch the sexy-violent antics of Logan and Domino for as long as Del’otto will draw them. It’s all well and good that the pair is fighting (and killing) many, many members of the assassin’s guild but honestly I could watch these two fight over the remote.

Fear Agent #29
Heath Huston, the last Fear Agent, has never had a very easy go of things. Writer Rick Remender (the man behind FrankenCastle) has take the Texas spacer to some dark places but after last issue Heath is going to need every drop of booze in his ship to forget what he’s done. Drunk, alone, and on the run, the last Fear Agent has his work cut out for him if he wants to stop the evil robotic Tetaldians.

Invaders Now #1
After slogging through most of the Avengers Invaders story not too long ago I couldn’t say I was ready for more of the World War II action team but they got the band back together again anyway. The fact is there’s still a Union Jack, a plus no matter what team you are putting together, and there’s still Namor, and there’s still not one but two Human Torch’s. I guess the point I’m going after here is that they’ve invited all the right people to the party let’s just hope one of them is a decent DJ this time around.

American Vampire #6
The second story arc kicks off with this issue as Skinner Sweet and freshly made new world vampire Pearl head east from Hollywood to Las Vegas. The year is now 1935 and our pair of American vampires find themselves mixed up in a turf war just as Vegas becomes the sin city we know it as today. The creative team of writer Scott Snyder and artist Rafael Albuquerque continue to build on one of the best vampire stories on the stands, or anywhere for that matter, today.