Browser-Based QuickHit Football Rolls Out NFL-Licensed Version

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Today marks the first day of the 2010 NFL season, which brings with it the first NFL-licensed computer game since EA sports stopped making a PC version of Madden back in 2008.

QuickHit, as previously reported, is a browser-based football simulator. The newest version allows you to coach your favorite NFL team through various free-to-play game modes, including the ability to play a full season.

As you play, you accrue "coaching points" that can be used to add plays to your playbook, level-up players on your team, and recruit new ones–all of which adds an RPG-like element to the experience. And for a price, you can accelerate everything if you wish.

Basic membership is free, while "pro" membership options start at six dollars per month. That’ll get you more coaching points to spend on plays and players, removal of in-game ads, and an upcoming 3D version of the game with much more realistic graphics and camera angles–the free version is simply a 2D birds eye view of the field.

While the ability to play with real NFL teams adds a lot to the experience, there’s no deal with the NFL Players Association. As a result, teams are filled with generically-named players. QuickHit has managed to strike a deal with five actual NFL players, so you’ll see Chris Johnson, Randy Moss, Demarcus Ware, Donovan McNabb, and Albert Haynesworth from time to time.

All in all, it’s a relatively addictive yet simple time waster if you’re an NFL fan. Wanna-be coaches, in particular, will want to check QuickHit out, as the game consists of straightforward playcalling but no control over the actual players.

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