For Your Consideration: Street Fighter Valley High

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Network executives: We have your next big hit. We know a lot of people have been trying to make video-game-to-movie translations, but it hasn’t always worked on the big screen. So, why not take one of the most beloved titles – the Street Fighter games – and turn it in to a TV show? A live-action TV show.

But wait! There’s more! What about if you turned it into a “Glee” style high school musical? Think of all the dramatic situations that happened to you in your teen years. Now think of what would have happened if those same things happened to a teenaged-fighting champion? Add in a couple classic movie scenes, like Ryu singing “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You” to Chun Li from Ten Things I Hate About You, or Guile holding a boombox over his head for Chun Li just like in Say Anything. (Seriously, Chun Li, you get all the guys?)

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But wait! There’s still more! The entire cast of Super Street Fighter IV is here — plus, a cameo from the VS. Marvel girls who engage are SF Girls in a dance off to remember. Stay tuned for the credits, that’s where all the fight scenes are spliced in.

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To quote Ryu, “Did someone say Shoryuken!?”