LOL of the Day: App Store Review Guidelines

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With all the back and forth between Apple and developers over what is and what isn’t appropriate for the App Store, I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all wondered what the guidelines are to get into the pearly gates of the App Store. Apple has posted the review guidelines and we can’t help but laugh out loud. I didn’t think it was possible but Apple has a bit of a sense of humor. Take, for example, the following pulled excerpts and tell me it didn’t make you giggle a little bit.

• We view Apps different than books or songs, which we do not curate. If you want to criticize a religion, write a book. If you want to describe sex, write a book or a song, or create a medical app.

• We will reject Apps for any content or behavior that we believe is over the line. What line, you ask? Well, as a Supreme Court Justice once said, “I’ll know it when I see it”. And we think that you will also know it when you cross it.

• If your app is rejected, we have a Review Board that you can appeal to. If you run to the press and trash us, it never helps.

• Apps that are not very useful or do not provide any lasting entertainment value may be rejected.

You can download the entire thing here.