Panel of the Week 9/9/10

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Every week I scan my pile of new comics for those panels that make you stop and stare. I look for those moments that define characters, that change the rules, and sometimes those that break the rules they really shouldn’t. Here are some of those panels. Here is Panel of the Week.

X-Force – Sex and Violence #3
If you looked at just this one panel you might think that the Hand was actually the big winner for once. That wasn’t the case, of course. The Hand ninja, much like the rest of X-Force who showed up a few pages later, were just there to spice up the final confrontation between Domino and Logan (Dominogan?) and the assassin’s guild. We did learn in Daredevil #510 this week that Hand ninja are simply being recruited from the local punk population which would explain why they are always getting their asses handed to them. Is there a great Hand comic out there that I don’t know about? There has to be.

New Avengers #4
Little known fact, being whisked away to another dimension by powerful mystical forces comes with the added benefit of getting a makeover. The Iron Fist has been made bloody fabulous with a sparkling new white and gold ensemble that he’s not afraid to wear just three days after Labor Day. Fierce.

Iron Man #30
After several issues of talking heads and corporate politics Tony gets to flex his iron muscles again. In this issue we learned that the entirety of the new Iron Man suit adds only twenty five pounds to his body mass and apparently allows him to conjure giant Cable weapons ala the Engineer. Here he’s turned his right arm into what appears to be a flame thrower. Why not?

Batman and Robin #14
As with all the big Bat titles we’re taking a closer look at #14 over in the Comic Book Club this week if for no other reason than to help everyone, including me, decipher Morrison’s brain. In the mean time we are blessed with the beautiful line-work and impeccable choreography of Frazer Irving. He has an uncanny ability to bring Dick Grayson’s fighting style to life with stylized distorted limbs and spot-perfect highlights like this somersault kick to the Pyg.

Spider-Man #641
And my obsession with the Spider-Man mask eyes continues. This time it’s the way Joey Q draws those peepers and I have to say, I’m diggin it. It makes the mask look like it’s got some real structure with those sunken lenses. Of course, when you draw fabrics and materials to look and behave in a realistic manner you lose the ability to have Spidey emote behind the mask. I still can’t decide where I stand on this.

Daredevil #510
Take your weapon. Strike me down with all of your hatred, and your journey towards the dark side will be complete. Also, don’t forget your giant cloak. There, now you’re totally dark side. Totally. It’s a shame that huge cape, it really is. Up until Matt put that painters tarp over his shoulders I was loving the costume design (if not the plot) of Shadowland.

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