The Playstation and Me: David Jaffe, Part 3

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Can you update us about what’s going on with development on the new Twisted Metal?

I think it’s going really well. We’re finally at a point where we’re starting to get the fun stuff in. For a long time, it was technology and getting our online infrastructure stable. And now, every build I see is starting to feel like, I get smiles on my face. For the first time, we’re not just dealing with tech. Our rooftop levels are just now getting the skyscrapers that you can collapse and make bridges out of. Our arena level is getting where you can hit a pressure plate and you can launch people out of the audience. And they become your health pick-ups, because they’re wearing health vests. If you run over the pedestrians that you’ve launched out of the audience, you basically get your car healed up. Kind of the fun stuff that I love about making games, which is seeing the execution create its own sort of personality for a game.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

And also, we’ve been building all of our levels really, really big to support our biggest game mode, which is this mode called Nuke, that we talked about at E3. But, now, we’re starting to chop the levels up for our deathmatch and our Last Man Standing mode. To play a death match mode in a level that’s too big, it immediately zaps 20 to 40 percent of the fun. You can’t find your opponent and there’s too much downtime. Internally, we’re having great four-on-four battles and crazy stuff in smaller venues. It’s really fun. It’s going well.

Sony finally gave us our release date, which we haven’t announced yet. But, for a while there, we were trying to figure out when this is coming out. Now that we know when it’s coming out, we’re able to work backwards from that launch date and it’s really great. I can’t say what it is. But it’s a great launch date. I love it. I love it, I love it for this game and for where it falls.  I don’t mean strategically in terms of business decisions. You never f***ing know these days in this industry; it’s so competitive now. But just in terms of, it’s the kind of date that I love for this kind of game. I think it’s going great. I’m excited.

Will there be snow on the ground when the game comes out?

[Laughter] It depends where you live.

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