Verizon Promises 4G Service in All NFL Markets By Year’s End

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I’m not sure how much this has to do with the partnership between Verizon Wireless and the NFL, but a company representative for Verizon apparently promised that his company’s high speed 4G wireless service, called LTE, would be live in "30 National Football League cities" by the end of the year, according to eWeek.

That should cover every NFL market, then, seeing that there are 32 teams and four of those teams share two of the same geographical regions—the Jets and the Giants in New York, and the Raiders and 49ers in the Bay Area.

That’ll also put direct pressure on Sprint’s 4G service, which is currently live in more than 45 markets. Verizon may leverage its sponsorship role as "the official wireless provider of the NFL" by citing the ability to stream live Thursday and Sunday night football games to its handsets as a selling point for its 4G service, hence the "30 National Football League" cities bit.

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