Casio Camera Features Maps, Can Geotag Photos Indoors

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Photography nerds, rejoice! Casio’s upcoming Exilim EX-H20G camera features geotagging that works even when you’re not within sight of GPS satellites. Inconceivable! Or is it?

“Casio’s Hybrid GPS system combines GPS with autonomic positioning, which is made possible by an internal motion sensor. This enables the EX-H20G to track a user’s last known satellite-acquired position against map data stored in the camera’s internal memory, even while the user is indoors.”

You can even use the camera’s LCD screen to pull up a map to see where you are in real life. And if you’re traveling in a strange and wonderful land, “the camera is pre-loaded with information regarding 10,000 sightseeing photo spots around the globe.”

As for the actual camera, it’s got a 14-megapixel sensor, 10x optical zoom, 720p video recording, and weighs less than eight ounces at a thickness of just over an inch. It’ll be available in November for $350.

Casio also announced the budget-friendly EX-Z16 (photo above). It’s less than an inch thick, features a 12-megapixel sensor, 3x optical zoom, and can shoot video, though only at 640×480 resolution.

It’ll cost $100 and will be available this month.

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