Techland Interview: Alex Trebek

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TL: God forbid this day would ever come, but who would you select to be your successor as Jeopardy host?

AT: Bob Barker! Whoops, I went too far in the opposite direction.

I have no idea. No idea. There are a number of talented young hosts out there who are probably earning a lot more money doing what they’re doing now than they would hosting Jeopardy.

But they, and by “they” I mean the people at Sony, will find somebody to replace me when the time comes. Everyone is replaceable. There is always someone who can bring a whole new approach, a new audience, and a new sense of excitement to the program. The program will remain the same.

TL: Are you looking to retire any time soon?

AT: Oh gosh. I’m up and down on that one. There are days when I think, “That’s it. I’m screwing up too much. I’m not able to read the clues as well as I used to,” and there are other days when I think, “Geez, I really like this so much there’s no reason for me to stop.” So I’m torn.

I’m like most people as they get older, they say, “Well, I should retire.” And then their wife says, “If you retire, you’re going to be around here all the time! I wouldn’t be able to put up with you.” So what are you gonna do?

Watch Trebek in the “Fact Master” episode of FCU: Fact Checkers Unit, created by Brian Sacca, Peter Karinen, and Dan Beers.

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