Snake Game Inspires Fan Videos

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Back in the good old days, there were no color graphics on cell phones. There were no awesome sound effects or interactive features. There was only Snake.

Nokia first put this as one of the standard games on all their cell phones in 1998, but the original video game has been traced back to 1977. And even though it consisted of a line chasing a dot, people were still glued to their backlit green mobile phone screens. (More on Techland: 18 iPhone Games To Keep You Occupied)

Nokia in the UK is currently holding a Snake competition, but here are their (and some of our) favorite fan videos.

Snake on A Building:

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Snake on A Music Video:

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Snake on A YouTube Video (Secret Easter Egg):

Go to any YouTube video, play it half way and pause it. Rewind the video by holding the left arrow. Once you see the circle of dots (that normally signals it’s loading) press up. Snake game FTW! This video in particular is easier to play with because it is just a black screen and white long in duration.

Snake On (Or As) A Flash Mob:

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Snake On A Plane (Safe For Work):

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