Panel of the Week 9/22/10

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It’s Panel of the Week time. This week we’ve got melting faces, anguished seers, ripped up mutants, speed fighting, and cop brutality. Let’s get started.

Avengers Academy #4
Here it is, the secret origin of Metal. He was a dreaded out surfer bra who was one with the Earth blah, blah, blah. Then one day he fell off his board and his face scraped off. That’s the whole story. Seriously.

Thor #615
I don’t know how Pasqual Ferry does it. I don’t know how he draws the traditional armor of the Asgardian warriors and somehow makes it look almost like science fiction. The whole thing has a Tron-like feel to it. The man screaming in pain here is none other than Heimdall the all seeing. He’s always been a strange cat but then most psychic – ish characters are.

X-Men: Xenogenesis #3
Watching the interplay between long-time X-Men can be both comforting and boring. Yes, Logan and Scott have a grudging respect for one another. Nobody really wants to press Storm’s buttons (especially now that she’s royalty) and Hank McCoy balances savagery with overly quaint mannerisms at times. It’s all good and I’ve seen it all before. What I don’t get to see too much of is the very unique art of Kaare Andrews. He somehow makes this all look brand new again.

Velocity #2
Have I already mentioned that Ken Rocafort draws one hell of a comic book page? I have? I won’t shut the hell up about it? Fair enough. But this two page spread featured thirty two individual background panels while the foreground shot has our hero taking down no less then six hunter killers. It’s so good I had to scan the seam and I hate doing that.

Nemesis #3
In the first issue of Nemesis the title character plane-jacked Air Force One in mid air. In the second issue he rode a massive chopper with fork-mounted cannons through a police barricade. Now in issue three Nemesis fights 97 riot cops all by himself. Right after that he makes the police chief’s son impregnate his own sister. Millar comics!