Toshiba Makes a Laptop For Kids, Perfect For Sloppy Adults

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The other day some folks from Toshiba dropped by to show me a new laptop that they would be announcing later on in the week. Well, it’s later on in the week so now I can talk about the Toshiba Satellite L635 Kids PC.

It’s chock full of fun kid stuff, like LEGO Batman, KidZui, Net Nanny and a couple movies. But what’s super neatorific is its wipeable keyboard. You can’t dump a glass of milk or something on it and expect it to survive but you can have a PB&J and not sweat over the HFCS infused jelly getting stuck underneath the keys. Eat as many Cheetos as you want and don’t worry about the keys becoming permanently orange from the fake cheese.

The 13.3-inch L635 Kids PC will be available exclusively at Best Buy starting September 26 for about $500.