Comics on Our Pull List 9/29/10

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When you head to you local comic shop this week here are some titles that you should consider. A couple of them kick off final story lines, some are relaunches of very old titles, others are just good comics in a line of good comics. Something to consider. Come back on Thursday for the Panel of the Week and the Comic Book Club.

FrankenCastle #21
My gut reaction to the whole FrankenCastle affair was to run. Run far, far, away. I was pleasantly surprised by the monstrous image of the Punisher bolted together and in constant danger of completely losing his humanity. The concept and following books really grew on me, even when they tied in a silly character like Daken. After his recent second round showdown with Daken Frank slinks off to a remote island to allow the Bloodstone to finally finish healing his severely shattered body. It’s been a fun ride.

Star Spangled War Stories #1
French Resistance fighter Mademoiselle Marie is back in her original title – Star Spangled War Stories. The book which originally ran for over 200 issues back in the 50s, 60s, and 70s is getting another shot. The red headed warrior has some precious cargo to guard in this WWII espionage thriller. Something about these war stories lately is really making me want to dust off my old Medal of Honor games. Y’know, before they started sucking.

Secret Warriors #20
This issue kicks off the final story arc for Secret Warriors. This book has been very insightful into the mind of Nick Fury. Things got a little beer tears there with all the Howling Commandos business but I have faith that Nick and his band of budding agents will get back on the trail of Hydra. It was quite a bombshell when Nick discovered that SHIELD was actually an arm of Hydra. What happened with all that?

Action Comics #892
Lex Luthor’s world tour to get Real Ultimate Power continues this month with what appears to be Grodd. Since Action Comics has taken Lex as its leading man it’s proven what we’ve all suspected for a while – baldy is much more interesting than Big Blue. Unfortunately for Lex he’s only more interesting when he’s a perpetual loser. It’s only fun watching him try so hard.

Artifacts #2
As crossover events go it’s kind of amazing how much you do not need to know about the original titles to get down with Artifacts. The Angelus? The Darkness? The Witchblade? And that’s only three of the thirteen artifacts that this event centers around. So far so good from writer Ron Marz. Is Top Cow, Top Freaking Cow, making me a believer in good event comics?