Complete List of What’s Currently Available For the New Apple TV

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Are you wondering what shows are currently available for the new Apple TV? We’ve just spent the last couple of hours compiling which shows are available by season and whether or not they’re in SD or HD. *All shows that are currently in season will be added the day after they air. This list may or may not be out of date by the time you receive your pre-ordered Apple TV.*

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20th Century Fox
Glee, Season 1-2 HD
Bones, Season 1-3 SD 4-5 HD
Family Guy, Season 1-7 SD 8 HD
Firefly, Season 1 SD
24, Season 1-6 SD 7 HD
Arrested Development, Season 1-3 SD
The Simpsons Season, Season 20 SD, 21-22 HD
Prison Break, Season 1-3 SD 4 HD
Lie to Me, Season 1-2 HD
The Unit, Season 1-3 SD 4 HD
Dollhouse, Season 1-2 HD
Boston Legal, Season 1-5 SD
Drive, Season 1 SD
Defying Gravity, Season 1 HD
The Simple Life, Season 1-5 SD
American Dad, Season 1-3 SD 4-6 HD
Shark, Season 1-2 SD
The Cleveland Show, Season 1-2 HD
My Name Is Earl, Season 1-4 SD
Mental, Season 1 SD
The Loop, Season 1-2 SD
Back to You, Season 1 SD
Roswell, Season 1 SD
WKRP In Cincinnati, Season 1 SD
Ally McBeal, Season 1-2 SD
NYPD Blue, Season 1-2 SD
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 1-7 SD
Murder One, Season 1-2 SD
Stacked, Season 1-2 SD
The Time Tunnel, Season 1 SD
Hill Street Blues, Season 1-3 SD
The Bob Newhart Show, Season 1-3 SD
The X-Files, Season 1-9 SD
Reba, Season 1-2 SD
Sit Down, Shut Up, Season 1 SD
St. Elsewhere, Season 1 SD
Picket Fences, Season 1 SD
Nanny and the Professor, Season 1 SD
Lost in Space, Season 1-3 SD
The Fall Guy, Season 1 SD
The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Season 1-6 SD
The Pretender, Season 1-2 SD
Unan1mous, Season 1 SD
Lone Star, Season 1 HD
Remington Steele, Season 1-2 SD
Sons of Tucson, Season 1 SD
Land of the Giants, Season 1-2 SD
Do Not Disturb, Season 1 SD
Lou Grant, Season 1-3 SD
Raising Hope, Season 1 HD

Hell’s Kitchen, Season 3-8 SD
Master Chef, Season 1 SD
Kitchen Nightmares, Season 3 SD

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