TiVo ‘Premiere’ Boxes to Get Hulu Plus This Fall

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Earlier reports that Roku boxes would be getting Hulu Plus access have now been confirmed, and it looks like TiVo’s getting in on the action as well.

The venerable DVR company announced that subscribers will be able to access the current- and back-episodes of popular TV shows from ABC, NBC, and FOX when subscribed to the $10-per-month Hulu Plus plan.

The bad news is that Hulu Plus will only be available on the newest TiVo boxes, which start at $300 unless you’re willing to agree to a year-long or two-year-long service contract. In that case, the TiVo Premiere can be had for free with a two-year plan at $20 per month or for $100 with a one-year plan at $20 per month. Service costs $13 per month without a contract. That’s on top of the $10-per-month Hulu Plus fee, too.

According to the press release, Hulu Plus will be available on TiVo "in the coming months," though no exact date has been specified.

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