Dell Launching 7-inch Tablet ‘Within the Next Few Weeks’

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Dell will be launching a 7-inch Android tablet "very, very soon—within the next few weeks," according to Dell Greater China President Amit Midha. The company will follow the 7-inch version up with a 10-inch version, but we won’t see that one for at least six months according to the Wall Street Journal.

That seems to jive with rumors from earlier this year that indicated Dell would launch a 7-inch tablet late this year and a 10-inch tablet "early next year," though the new six- to twelve-month timeframe reported by the Wall Street Journal would stretch the limits of the word "early."

Dell’s Midha also mentioned that the company would be offering 3-inch and 4-inch tablets within the next year. The 7-inch tablet due in the coming weeks will be running the Android operating system, but Midha mentioned that certain future tablets will run Windows as well.

I’d guess that the 10-inch tablet may be offered with Windows and perhaps with Android’s upcoming tablet-specific operating system known as "Gingerbread." As for the 3-inch and 4-inch tablets, those will almost certainly run Android—though I wouldn’t complain if Dell tried to shoehorn Windows onto those tiny screens. It’d give us all plenty to write about for a while.

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