Recon Instruments’ Goggles: A GPS-based Dashboard For Your Eyeball

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When Contour launched their GPS model the other week, I thought it was one of the coolest things to happen to action sports. The ability to see video of what you just did is one thing but to see it on an interactive map that displays speed and elevation is something that hasn’t been done before. I was blown away. But our friends to the North in British Columbia have just turned my brain to mush.

Recon Instruments has just announced availability of their GPS-enabled goggles that show real-time data in a heads up display inside the goggles themselves. The Recon-Zeal Transcends display speed, latitude/longitude, altitude, vertical distance traveled, temperature, time and even includes a chrono/stopwatch mode and run-timer.

A micro LCD shows the pertinent info and appears to be six feet in front of the rider. The goggles come bundled with software that allows riders to overlay the data on top of satellite imagery. I want this more than anything else this year.

The Transcend will come in one of two models that will be differentiated by lens options. The SPPX comes with a SPPX (lens auto adjusts based on lighting conditions) polarized and photochromatic lens that will retail for $499, while the SPX will retail for $399 with an SPX polarized lens. Recon promises that orders will arrive 6-8 weeks from purchase.


Recon Instruments