Ultimate Gamer 2’s Rachel and Justin on the Trials of the Gauntlet

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Justin Wong came in first place in the Pacman challenge, which surprised him greatly. He was so surprised to find out that he won the challenge because his friends at home normally beat him at the game. But, the bragging rights weren’t his for long, as he was sent home in the second challenge.

The second leg of The Gauntlet was Forza Motorsport 3, a game that the gamers had previously competed in. Wong, who doesn’t even have his driver’s license said he was scared when he saw the challenge. Back in the real life challenge for Forza Motorsport 3, Wong memorably crashed his car into every obstacle in a memorable episode. As an added twist, the gamers raced with their hands handcuffed behind their back to the steering wheel. And then to top things off, the next round they were forced to steer with their feet since they were tied up in straight jackets. “Kat came in first in both rounds,” Wong said. “It’s like she said, ‘I’m going to stay home one day and learn how to drive with my feet.’ She destroyed everyone.”

As for whether or not he’s going to finally get his driver’s license, he’s leaning towards no. “A couple weeks after I got into a car accident with my friends,” he said. “I’m kinda scared after that. So I don’t really think I need a driver’s licence right now.”

He’s rooting for Caesar Noriega to win the whole thing. Even though he’s pretty good friends with Ammari and Gunn, he hopes that Noriega will get the money since he’ll use it to propose to his girlfriend. “I really want Caesar to win to propose to his girlfriend,” he said. “I really think Caesar will win, but I think the best gamer is Kat overall.”

What both eliminated players didn’t know was the next game was Splinter Cell. The gamers had to play the game while looking at mirrors that were constantly spinning. Ammari, who had never played the game, won the first round while episode ended in a cliffhanger as the remaining gamers battled it out for the last spots.

Quirico and Wong are currently at the WCG Grand Finals to watch all gaming madness go down and find out who is the WCG Ultimate Gamer. “We’re getting married Justin and I,” Quirico joked.  “Seven asian-white babies,” Wong added.

In reality, these two gamers will continue their foray into the professional gaming world. “I want to continue to bring competitive gaming to the mass media and the average gamer,” Quirico said. “It’s something that can appeal to the average person if presented in the right way.”

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