Ballmer on Microsoft Tablets: ‘You’ll See Them This Christmas’

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Reuters reports that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer told a crowd at the London School of Economics yesterday, "You’ll see new slates with Windows on them. You’ll see them this Christmas."

There’s some speculation that Microsoft’s official unveiling of Windows Phone 7, which is scheduled for next Monday, may contain some information about the impending Windows tablets.

However, Ballmer seems almost dismissive about his company’s iPad competitors given the emphasis that Microsoft is putting into its long-awaited Windows Phone 7 initiative.

"The job right now is we’ve got to get back seriously into the game of phones," he said. "We’ve got to have a comeback against the competition and I think with our new Windows phones we have a really beautiful product."

Microsoft commanded just under 12% of the smartphone market as of July, behind Google, Apple, and RIM (BlackBerry) at 17%, 23.8%, and 39.3%, respectively, according to a report from comScore.

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