Cisco Goes Consumer, Announces ūmi Video Conferencing

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Expect to see a lot of news today on video teleconferencing.

Cisco has just announced the ūmi consumer HD video conferencing system. All it needs is a HDTV (connected via HDMI) and broadband connection to work. Calls will be streamed in 1080p and recorded at 720p/30fps, so you can share via Facebook, YouTube, etc. Based on your connection, the video quality will bounce between 1080p, 720p and 480p. The system consists of a camera, console and remote. The camera itself doesn’t seem half bad. It has optical zoom, AF auto exposure, auto WB and even pans and tilts.

There’s a $25 monthly service plan and the kit itself will cost $600. Pre-orders begin today and will ship on November 11. Cisco also plans to bring ūmi to Verizon FiOS customers in 2011.

Press release after the jump.

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