Breaking: Logitech To Announce Bundled Video Conferencing With Google TV Today

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Details are scant at the moment but I just had a quick conversation with Logitech’s video business VP and GM, Eric Kintz about Cisco’s video teleconferencing announcement.

“We congratulate Cisco on bringing video calling to the living room – it’s a great day for consumers and the video communications industry. We’re excited to introduce our own HD video calling offering for the living room with our Logitech Revue with Google TV announcement later today. We believe consumers want the best and most seamless experience which means HD video calling not only from TV to TV, but also TV to PC or Mac (or vice versa). We also believe consumers will want a free service and one that is integrated into a broader entertainment experience, which is why Logitech is excited to introduce an integrated HD video calling offering with Google TV.”

And now it’s official.