Logitech Vid HD Coming to Google TV, Revue Pricing Announced

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Following up on our earlier coverage of Logitech’s plans to bundle a HD video conferencing service into Google TV, we now have the official details.

During today’s press conference it was revealed that Logitech’s HD video service Logitech Vid HD would come preinstalled as an Android app (Android Market for Google TV will not launch until 2011) on Revue set-top boxes. The service will work between Google TV-enabled sets, as well as PCs and Macs with the Logitech Vid HD software installed. Calls won’t interrupt your TV viewing, we’re told.

The service is free (take that, Cisco!) but you will need to purchase a Revue and separate HD webcam that’s been built specifically for Google TV. When we spoke to Eric Kintz from Logitech earlier he mentioned something about hardware compatibility and what could or couldn’t support certain protocols. But he was on his cell phone and the signal kept cutting out. I’m assuming he was on an iPhone.

The new camera has a wide-angle lens and the ability to pan, tilt and zoom. It even includes noise cancellation and stereo audio and will retail for $149.99. The $299.99 Revue bundle includes a keyboard (integrated touch and directional pad), one IR blaster, and an HDMI cable. A separate app for Android and iPhone will also be released. You can also purchase DiNovo Mini controller specific to Revue for $129.99. Dish Network subscribers will be able to purchase the Revue bundle for $179.

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