FriendShuffle: Cruise the Sites Your Facebook Friends Like

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FriendShuffle takes the idea that you share similar interests with your Facebook friends and runs with it. You go to and sign in with your Facebook credentials, and then any web address—article, video, blog post, whatever—that one of your friends has tagged using Facebook’s "like" button will show up chronologically in your FriendShuffle feed.

You can "like" whatever one of your friends has liked or click the Shuffle button in the web-based bar that FriendShuffle inserts at the top of your browser to move on to the next site. ReadWriteWeb likens FriendShuffle to "StumbleUpon for Facebook Likes" which is pretty accurate.

I took FriendShuffle for a spin and found it to be a dead-simple way to cruise through all the stuff that my Facebook friends have found interesting. It’d be nice to have some sort of adjustable settings area where I could see random pages from the past day, week, or month instead of seeing sites in the order of which they were tagged—or perhaps seeing sites that have been liked by multiple friends in order of popularity.

The application insists on being able to e-mail you when you activate it inside Facebook, too, which is a bit concerning, though it indicates that you can unsubscribe from the first e-mail you get. It might be helpful to get a daily or weekly digest of the sites your friends have liked, I suppose, but so help me God if I get any spam, I will burn… this place… to the ground.

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