New Walking Dead Trailer Hints Show Will Focus on Human Emotions and Drama

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AMC has made some bold choices when choosing original programing, but none gets us more excited than The Walking Dead. With Frank Darabont (director of The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile) and Gale Ann Hurd (producer and writer of The Terminator, producer of Aliens) the project is definitely in good hands, and we’ve been interested to see their take on the character-driven comic book.

The newest trailer doesn’t reveal much, but it seems they are going for a more serious tone and avoiding campy humor. It seems that they are trying to make another compelling drama that will possibly rival AMC’s Mad Men or Breaking Bad.

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It also seems that there is going to be a big focus on Shane Walsh, protagonist Rick Grimes best frienemy. While he might have betrayed his best friend in the worst way possible, we still maintain that Walsh was a good guy underneath everything, and if the show focuses on that it can bring up interesting debates. We think it’s a good move especially since while not everyone might not enjoy zombie stories (which is hard to believe), everyone can understand the nuances of human relationships.

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Will you tune in?