Panel of the Week 10/6/10

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Every week I go to my Local Comic Shop (Midtown 4 Life!) and I buy too many comics. Then I come home and lie to my girlfriend about how much money I spent this week (thanks a lot, hardcover edition of Parker: The Outfit). Finally, I scan a pile of great panels and share them with you. Welcome back to Panel of the Week!

Lady Mechanika #0
I guess you could say that any time a relatively cookie cutter Superman clone appears in a comic book it’s fan service to all the superhero fanboys out there. I’m not going to call it pandering but maybe knowing your audience? Well, fear not all you steampunks, Lady Mechanika is here. She’s part smoking hot woman. Part machine. All cosplay.

Chaos War #1
Rule number one for fighting world level threats in the Marvel Universe: get EVERYONE and bring them to Central Park. Rule two is figuring out how to make Spider-Man and Wolverine fly. (Norman Osborn handled this in the Dark Avenger days by giving everyone a goblin glider. This should be standard issue to anyone Fantastic/Avenger/X.) Rule three is, of course, splash page.

Uncanny X-Force #1
Warren Worthington’s consciousness is under siege by his alter ego, the Archangel. The result is the most interesting version of either character we’ve seen in years. His role in X-Force as a bladed feather chucking borderline psycho has done more to make this first generation X-Man relevant than any story in a decade. I look forward to what Remender has in store for Warren as the team continues to chase down Apocalypse.

Taskmaster #2
I really didn’t think this book could top last month’s The Inquisition as a concept for a mercenary team. And then Don of the Dead strolls into the frame spouting instant classics in a crappy Mexican accent and I fall in love all over again. He actually has a great back story as a white guy who happens to be an ex-SHIELD agent. I know he falls off a cliff or whatever but I hope someone brings him back.

Thor: For Asgard #3
Kneel before the Odinson’s Thunderjunk!

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