Rumor: Galaxy Tab to Cost $399 With Contract, $599 Without

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Samsung’s 7-inch Galaxy Tab Android tablet will cost $399 with a two-year data contract through Sprint, according to the Boy Genius Report. That’s according to one of BGR’s unnamed “Sprint sources,” so take the information with a grain of salt—the site’s nailed plenty of rumors in the past, though.

Apparently the full, no-contract retail cost of the tablet will be $599 and sales are due to begin around November 14th—just in time for the holidays.

The $399 price tag, if true, seems a bit on the high side considering you’d have to lock into a two-year contract. Sprint currently offers just a single $60-per-month 3G wireless plan that includes 5GB of data transfer. That brings the two-year cost of the tablet to over $1800. Yikes.

The no-contract price seems much more palatable. At $599, it’s $30 cheaper than Apple’s base level 3G-equipped iPad. It’s also possible (and would be quite wise) that Sprint may offer a Galaxy Tab-specific data plan for less than $60 per month.

Don’t forget that the Galaxy Tab will be available on all four major US carriers. AT&T’s got the cheapest data plan at $15 per month. Even though you only get 200 megabytes to play with, the total outlay over two years—if priced at $399 with contract—would be just $759. That’s over $1,000 cheaper than Sprint’s deal.

Of course, nothing’s been officially confirmed yet. Sit tight—it shouldn’t be too much longer until we get official pricing information from the carriers.

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