What Happens When You Mix a Canon 5D MkII, Paint and a Speaker?

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Canon’s Rob Zuurbier brings up a valid point in this promo video for the Pixma line of printers – most photography and image sharing takes place digitally. When was the last time you printed a photo or held a photo that wasn’t on someone’s phone?

Although you don’t see much of the printers in this video, it definitely has a lot of folks talking. What’s more amazing are the capabilities of the 5D MkII. Shot at 5000fps, the DSLR captures the paint being bounced off a speaker in a poetic sort of manner. Clarification: As pointed out in comments, the 5D MkII only shoots at 30fps. The original text is a bit misleading but it was not implied that the 5D MkII is capable of shooting 5,000fps. Apologies for the confusion.

Forget the printer, I want to get myself a 5D MkII!

[via Design Boom]