New, Notable Apps Available In Windows Phone 7 Marketplace

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Apps have been trickling into the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace over the last few weeks but I just noticed a handful of notable apps that were demoed in the weeks leading up to today’s announcement made available in the last 24 hours.


As of 1:54AM ET, eBay (Free), Flixster (Free) and a handful of games are available in the Marketplace. Said games include THQ’s Star Wars: Battle for Hoth ($4.99), PopCap Games’ Bejeweled Live ($4.99) and Microsoft Game Studios’ Flowerz (Free), Hexic Rush ($2.99), Twin Blades: The Reaping Vanguard ($2.99) and Rocket Riot ($6.99).

All of the above titles are labeled as “Xbox Live” and I’ve personally been racking up Xbox Live achievements and boosting my gamerscore playing Flowerz over the last week or so.

Sidenote: Sometime last week, I noticed an AT&T hub of sorts inside the Marketplace but it disappeared as quickly as it appeared.