Boost Mobile Offers Unlimited Everything for $35 (Eventually)

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Sprint’s pay-as-you-go brand, Boost Mobile, is now offering unlimited minutes, text messaging, and web data for $35 per month with no contract.

There’s a catch, though, albeit a small one.

The service starts at $50 per month and decreases by five dollars every six months provided you pay your bill on time. Oh, and it’s called "shrinkage," though that’s more an obscure Seinfeld reference than a catch.

This is actually pretty ingenious. Sprint takes what would otherwise be a no-contract service and entices customers to stay around for at least a year and a half in order to get the best deal.

And in an unprecedented flash of customer-friendliness (for the wireless industry, at least), if you miss a payment, your discount cycle doesn’t start all over again. You just need to make six on-time payments in order to lower your bill by $5 per month. The lowest price that can be attained is $35 per month, which would take 18 on-time payments.

The system is good for Sprint because it gets its money on time, and it’s super good for customers who pay on time. You can’t get an unlimited everything plan for $35 anywhere in the US.

The deal works for Boost’s standard handsets, including its Motorola i1 Android phone, though the lone BlackBerry Curve 8530 adds an extra $10 per month. So $60 down to a possible $45—still not bad for a BlackBerry with unlimited everything. And that Android deal is a downright steal.

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