Rumor PaTroll: Walking Dead Has Guts, Roth Not Clowning Around

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010 –

Don’t Worry: Gore Abounds In Zombie TV Show The Walking Dead

Just because they are going to a network with their zombie show doesn’t mean that The Walking Dead had to tone down their material one bit. (More on Techland: Walking Dead To Shamble Into Prose Next Year)

“I was assured every step of the way that AMC was committed to doing a zombie show,” said The Walking Dead comic book creator Robert Kirkman said to Techland during a press conference at New York Comic Con for the show. “They knew they had purchased a zombie show and they we’re doing everything they needed to do to do a zombie show. Even then, I thought maybe they will tone things down a little bit… I am shocked literally seeing the final cuts with visual effects and everything completed. It’s just remarkable. It’s absolutely amazing, and I think people will be watching television and as they get through the episodes they will forget that they’re watching television.”

But, everyone knows it takes more than blood to make a good zombie property.

“My perception of the main task here is due to the intention of what Robert’s done which is tell these stories in the most unflinching and adult character driven fashion possible,” co-executive producer, writer and director Frank Darabont explained. “The material is so good it makes it possible to tell those kinds of stories, and yeah, to get real gross on occasion.” (More on Techland: New Walking Dead Trailer Hints Show Will Focus on Human Emotions and Drama)

After seeing the first two episodes, I have to agree with both of them. It was like watching a good zombie movie, guts being pulled out and blood splatter from gunshots shown in slow motion – but then you remember that this is going to be shown on television. Kudos to AMC for not forcing the creators to tone down their zombie vision.

Eli Roth’s Clown Trailer Is a Fake, But He Doesn’t Mind That He’s Attached To the Project

A viral video claiming to be the trailer for Eli Roth’s new movie Clown has been circling the web. The thing is not only is the trailer fake, Roth has no intention of taking on the terrifying subject.

“This is so good even I thought it was real: I WANT TO SEE CLOWN!!” the director Tweeted.

Warning: If you didn’t have a phobia of clowns, you will after watching this.

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The trailer is ridiculously campy, but the fact that it’s about an evil clown makes it no laughing matter.