Angry Birds IS an EA Sport

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Update: Reuters has just confirmed that EA bought British company Chillingo. While the company confirmed the purchase, they did not affirm that EA is going to pay $20 million cash, which is what a source told the publication. So much for the estimate of $80 – $200 million.

“By acquiring Chillingo, EA Mobile is increasing its market leadership on the Apple Platform as well as reaffirming its position as the world’s leading wireless entertainment publisher,” EA’s Holly Rockwood said in a statement.


Angry Birds for the iPhone and Android may be moving to the big leagues.

All Things Digital reports that EA is courting Chillingo, the parent company of Angry Birds. It’s just a rumor, so there’s no word if those birds will be flying into your Xbox or PS3 any time soon. Chillingo is estimated to be worth $80 – $200 million, and it helps that Angry Birds stayed on the top of the US Mac App store from spring 2010 to this month.  (More on Techland: Angry Birds Free for Android)

Part of the fun of Angry Birds is trying to complete the level before you get to your subway stop or before your car finally gets to the Wilshire exit off the 405 (not that we’re condoning gaming while driving). On the other hand, having a wider release could allow more people to get in on the fun – and possibly lead to a multiplayer mode.