Facebook Blocks Moms Due to Excessive Message Posting

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It may sound unbelievable that a Facebook group for young mothers would have a near constant volley of messages careening through the popular social network’s series of interconnected tubes, but it’s true! Apparently they like to chat with one another on the order of “35 to 40 messages within a 1.5- to 2-hour period,” according to PC World.

The problem is that Facebook’s security software sees such rapid-fire posting as a sure sign of “abusive or spammy” behavior and, in some cases, restricted certain group members’ accounts for 24 hours.


Lucy Berry told PC World, “We were just discussing our children. I got a message saying I may be annoying other people. Which I know isn’t true.” After that, Berry’s account was locked down for 24 hours.

Facebook says its software sees the act of sending several messages in a short amount of time as a sign of suspicious activity, but the site has “recently tweaked the system for groups to allow people to post at a quicker rate.”

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