Mount Everest Finally Gets 3G Mobile Internet Service

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If there’s one thing that’s kept most of us from climbing Mount Everest, it’s been the total lack of 3G service. What’s the point if you can’t tweet, "Climbing #Everest today. Totes miz, but totes worth it LMAO!" along the way? If you don’t put it on Twitter or Facebook, it never happened.

Luckily, mobile provider Ncell just installed a 3G connection at the base camp of Mount Everest. The company reported making a video call from 17,388 feet, according to Reuters.

The mountain’s peak reaches just over 29,000 feet, so it’ll be interesting to see how high people can climb while still getting service. It’s also sad that your boss can e-mail you while you’re climbing Mount Everest and you’ll feel guilty about not responding right away.

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