Your Next Zombie Obsession: We’re Alive

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Need to score a zombie fix to hold off the jonesing until Sunday’s The Walking Dead premier? Point your modern browser over to the Zombie Podcast and find out what over a million other zombiephiles already know. We’re Alive is a radio drama about a zombie outbreak in Los Angeles and the band of survivors that are struggling to stay alive day to day.

What’s that, you don’t know what a radio drama is? According to producer and star Shane Salk it’s a “movie that you listen to”. The series is divided into 20 minute episodes that become available most Monday mornings (three times a month). We’re Alive is into season two right now and every episode is available on their website.

A cast of around ten voice actors play the parts of roughly twenty or twenty five unique characters. The production values are very high, especially when it comes to details like gunfire, explosions, and the gutteral moans of the undead. The emphasis is on the characters and the human drama in this broken new landscape of fast, strong zombies.

There’s already over twelve hours of this radio drama podcast free to download so be warned that it’s very easy to play the “just one more episode” game. One last note, as a dedicated LOST fan I pressed Shane about a finale and he swears that the series end game is plotted out and that he knows exactly what the final episode will be, even if won’t be soon. Reassuring.


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