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It’s time for another look at some of the best scenes from last week’s comics. This week we’ve got problems with the in laws, the return of Amazonian flight, a tough loss for Man-Thing, a modern Superman, and of course, Clint Barton making a face. It’s time for Panel of the Week!

Hellblazer – City of Demons #2
What’s emerging as my single greatest missed opportunity of the New York Comic Con is that I didn’t buy some Wolverine alphabet artwork from Sean Murphy’s table when I had the chance. I haven’t bought a Hellblazer comic in ages but when I saw that Murphy was the artist I picked it up. I opened the book to this page at the racks. This page. How could I not get it?

Wonder Woman #604
It took me four issues but I figured out what it was that was bothering me about the new Wonder Woman. She’s Jakita Wagner of Planetary fame. She’s brutal, she wears leather, and she can’t fly. With issue #604 it’s clear that that’s enough of that nonsense. Jacket off, can fly.

Thunderbolts #149
I was right to be excited about this new Thunderbolts team murdering Hand ninja. This issue is full of Moonstone and Juggernaut and Crossbones dispatching red-horned kung fu fighters with aplomb. Man-Thing? Not so much. Poor mossy stump gets slap-chopped early on. A damn shame, but don’t worry he’ll be fine. He’s vegetation after all.

Superman Earth One
Some technical difficulties kept me from weighing in on Earth One in last week’s Comic Book Club so I’ll speak about it here. I didn’t mind this story nearly as much as some other voices out there. I happen to agree that the Superman myth doesn’t necessarily need a modern update (at least not yet). I thought that this story and in particular this version of Superman was a decent read especially as a stand alone Barnes and Noble hardcover. I’ve included two shots of Supes/Clark here to illustrate why this book got the wrap of Emo Superman. It’s an unfair title but you can see where it came from.

Captain America #611
What is so hard about writing Clint Barton? He’s a hot headed, womanizing, sharp shooter. This guy writes himself. Why do I have to listen to him impugn the questionably criminal past of another Avenger while he makes this fart in an elevator face? Why?

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