Nudgemail Service Encourages E-mail Procrastination

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If you’re bombarded with e-mail all day, a totally empty inbox is one of life’s little pleasures. Ever cleared out your inbox late on a Friday afternoon? I bet you did that thing where you lean back in your chair and put your hands behind your head. Or is that just me?

A new service called Nudgemail lets you artificially replicate the feeling of an empty inbox, while ensuring you don’t toss out important messages entirely. If you get an e-mail that you’ll need to eventually address but don’t feel like tackling it right away, you simply forward it to Nudgemail and it’ll reappear in your inbox at whichever date or time you specify.

Nudgemail makes use of plain-English e-mail addresses to figure out when to return your messages. For instance, you can forward a message to,, or even if you really want to put things off.

A message to will show up at 6:00PM, and you can even use to clear something out for an hour. If you’ve lost track the messages you’ve temporarily cleared out, an e-mail to returns a list of what’s coming back and when.

The service is currently free while in beta testing, and the company says that the final product will be available in both free and premium versions. You can use it now by signing up on the site or simply forwarding one of your existing messages to a address of your choosing.

[via NYT]

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