Spielberg’s Terra Nova Fires All Its Writers, Confirms Preview

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Here’s the new spin on Steven Spielberg’s troubled time-travel television series, Terra Nova: Yes, the whole writing staff have been laid off, but it’s not a sign that anything’s gone wrong at all.

Sound unconvincing? The official reasoning for the layoffs is apparently that the writers won’t be needed while the show’s pilot is shot and then put through post-production, meaning that they’d be hanging around without anything to do for the next four months. Not that they should definitely expect to come back when the series goes into production, considering that the pilot was rewritten without credit by Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps and The Switch screenwriter Allen Loeb, and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and The 4400‘s Rene Echevarria has recently been brought in as showrunner (replacing David Fury, who quit in September), suggesting a new direction for the writing when the show ramps up to series.

All of this drama before production had even began yesterday is reminiscent of recent shows FlashForward and Dollhouse, neither of which made it past 30 episodes, as well as ABC’s V, which has already seen its second season order drop by three episodes before it’s even started. Fox, however, seem to be pushing ahead as planned, confirming a two-hour sneak peak at the pilot in May, a la the network’s successful launch of Glee two years ago. Here’s hoping that the pilot is as good as Glee‘s… or, at least, has some singing dinosaurs.

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