Galaxy Tab Users Can Tune Into Slacker Radio, Tune Out Spotify?

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Slacker Radio, a free streaming personalized Internet service, announced that you’ll be able to stream musiPreviewc via the Samsung Galaxy Tab when it comes out next month. The app will come pre-installed on the Galaxy Tab or you can download it for the Amazon Kindle, iPhone, iPod touch, WebOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile smartphone platforms that you already have.

What’s more interesting though is how this is going to affect Slacker Radio’s competitor, Sean Parker’s Spotify. The Napster creator is a main investor in the other free Internet music streaming service, which sources say has Apple worried because Spotify allows people to stream music from major and independent labels instead of paying per tune. Some sources have even reported that Apple is trying to buy Spotify, but Samsung partnering with Slacker Radio can sway decisions either direction. Competition for the dominant Internet music streaming service is fierce, and industry professionals are definitely listening up.

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