Happy Holidays: Google to Offer Free In Flight Wi-Fi

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If you’re flying home for the holidays you might be able to plug into the Internet for free courtesy of Google.

Google Chrome announced that they have partnered with Virgin America, Delta and Air Trans to offer Gogo Wi-Fi gratis on all domestic flights from November 20 to January 2, according to Forbes. The service will only be free in-flight and does not extend to airport wireless networks.

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“These participating airlines have outfitted their entire domestic fleet with Gogo Inflight Wi-Fi and we expect more connected passengers this holiday season than ever before,  ” Google’s wrote in their statement.

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Last year, Google partnered with Virgin America to offer a similar program. President and CEO of Virgin America David Kush said in a released statement that they saw an increase of people logging in subsequent flights after last year’s holiday in-flight wireless promotion.

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