RockMelt Web Browser: Built In Social Features, Live Bookmarks

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There’s a new web browser in town: RockMelt. The tagline is “Your Browser. Re-Imagined,” which is technically accurate if you use Google’s Chrome web browser. RockMelt uses the same underlying code base as Chrome.

Where RockMelt differs, largely, is in its ability to integrate with your favorite social media sites. The left hand side of the browser features a narrow column of your contacts, and the right hand side features a narrow column of your bookmarks. You can drag and drop various bits of web pages onto your contacts for quickly sharing whatever you find interesting, and your bookmarks will update to reflect new items posted to your favorite sites.

The guy in the above video claims to be from Minnesota, though as someone born and raised in Minnesota, I’m suspicious of his complete lack of Midwestern accent. How did he do that?!

RockMelt is also different because you have to actually log in to use it. When you do, it synchronizes all your bookmarks, preferences, feeds, and the like, making it easy to use on multiple machines.

The browser is currently being beta tested. You can connect to it using your Facebook account on to get put on the list for an invitation. If you like the idea of RockMelt but don’t want to wait, check out Flock, which offers similar features and is also based on Google Chrome.

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