BBC Dinosaurs Documentary Coming to Theaters in 3D

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If you liked the 3D mix of CGI and live action footage of Avatar, but weren’t so convinced by things like “story” or “large blue aliens that kind of look like the actors in a way that’s kind of freaky,” then the news that the BBC documentary series Walking With Dinosaurs is to be turned into a big budget 3D movie is probably the best news you’ve heard all day.

The movie version of Dinosaurs, a co-production between the BBC and Reliance Big Entertainment, will be the third iteration of the historical recreation concept that started as a television series in 1999 before spinning off a live touring show in 2007. (More on 3D Accessory Coming for iPhone)


The “plot” for the movie is reported to be the journey of a family of dinosaurs as they migrate across country, mixing CGI creatures and scenes with actual footage shot on location. Deadline reports today that Avatar studio 20th Century Fox is close to picking the movie up for US and international distribution as part of a “huge deal”… Could this movie end up getting the James Cameron seal of approval, and sparking a new trend for over-the-top big screen documentaries? If it does, I’m first in line for Mythbusters IMAX.

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