3D Accessory Coming for iPhone

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Remember the View-Master? Imagine replacing those little round plastic disks with an iPhone and you’ve basically nailed down what Hasbro’s trying to do with the My3D iPhone accessory.

Due out next spring, the My3D kit will pair an iPhone-mountable viewing apparatus that costs $30 with—you guessed it—apps available from the iPhone’s app store. Some will be free, some will cost money. (More on Time.com: Gallery: Hits and Misses from Apple So Far)

Apps will be in 3D and span “gaming, virtual travel experience, and entertainment content,” according to the Associated Press.

It’s interesting to note that the View-Master, made by Fisher-Price, still exists and the company still sells new photo reels for around $4 apiece. (More on Time.com: Photos: The iPhone 3G Hits Stores)

Can we expect an iPhone-versus-Android style platform war to break out between Hasbro lovers and Fisher-Price apologists? Who will have the most apps?! View-Master or My3D?!! Which side will you choose?!!!

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