Google Doodle Controversy: An Islamic Crescent Moon Hidden In Vet Doodle?

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Today’s Google Doodle either celebrates Veterans Day or grossly offends America – it depends on who you ask.

This morning, Twitter and Facebook were humming with comments surrounding the appearance of a crescent shape peeking out from behind the American flag. Part of the logo’s “e,” the so-called crescent moon is one half of the primary symbol of the Islamic faith, the crescent moon and star. With tweets like, “Happy Veterans Day, Islam” setting off a series of anti-Islamic tirades.

These accusations were met with an equal amount of eye-rolling, but in a society that tends to view the Islamic faith as an encroaching monster of Hollywood proportions here to cancel Christmas and steal our roast beast, nothing Muslim-related goes away without a hailstorm or seven. William Browning of Yahoo’s Associated Content scolded Google for the oversight, calling it distasteful and instigating. “No wonder Islamic extremists hate us,” he said.

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Google has yet to comment on the doodle and whether it’s an actual off-color prank played by a bored developer or just the bottom of an “e” – and another example of the Muslimphobia surging through the American conscious.

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