Galaxy Tab Torn Apart, Shows It’s Mostly Battery

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Ever wondered what the inside of a tablet looks like? The fine folks at iFixit recently tore the new Samsung Galaxy Tab apart to reveal a big, fat battery surrounded by a C-shaped logic board that handles everything else.

As computer components get exponentially smaller and faster all the time, gadgets’ weight and thickness are still hamstrung by battery technology. (More on 100 Gadgets of All-TIME)

Lithium ion batteries have been a mainstay in consumer electronics for a while now, and lithium polymer batteries are also beginning to emerge more and more. Lithium polymer batteries can be shaped more easily than lithium ion ones, making them more ideal for tight spaces, but they often aren’t user-replaceable since they don’t have to adhere to the brick-like shape as closely as lithium ion batteries. This battery in the Galaxy Tab is a lithium ion one.

It’s interesting to see how little space the brains of the tablet actually take up.


The chip outlined in red is the 16GB flash memory card, the orange is the power management chip, the yellow is the 1GHz processor, the aqua is the 3G modem, the blue handles audio, and the pink is the RF transceiver, which handles the communication between the 3G chip and the cell towers.

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