14-Year-Old Fashion Blogger Gets Magazine

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Tavi Gevinson may barely be a teenager, but she’s already beating hard-working journalists who are paying their dues to slowly work their way up the corporate ladder. The teen blogger, whose been profiled in New Yorker, announced she is starting her own magazine with founder and ex-EIC of Sassy and Jane Jane Pratt.

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The 14-year-old has been vocal on her online blog The Style Rookie about getting her generation their own teen fashion magazine. Scores of teen-focused magazines, like Cosmo Girl and Teen People, were forced to close their doors when ad sales and revenue went down leaving teens these days without their own publication. Though she likes to re-read old issues of Sassy – which was absorbed into TEEN in the United States in 1996, one year before the blogger was born – Gevinson wants her new magazine to be it’s own “feminist, creative, moody-teenage-girl” creation. She didn’t even approach Pratt: The famous editor emailed the young blogger for her approval.

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Maybe she’ll hire back some of those unemployed journalists – she’s taking article pitches at MagazineSubmissionsAreFun@gmail.com. Yes, that is the actual e-mail address. She hasn’t decided what the magazine should be titled.

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