Google Voice Back on the iPhone

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It’s officially a cold day in Hell. Google Voice is now once again available for the iPhone after being removed the App Store in late July of 2009.

When Apple famously published its App Store guidelines back in September of this year, it wasn’t quite clear why Google Voice was being kept out of the store. And sure enough, a few apps similar to Google Voice made their way back into the store relatively quickly, while Google’s official Voice app remained “under review” until today.

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Though there’s never been an official response from Apple or AT&T that’s made a whole lot of sense, an app that allows you to send and receive calls from a phone number other your AT&T number, lets you send and receive text messages for free, and offers discounted international calling aren’t really in AT&T’s—and by extension, Apple’s—best interests.

Whatever the case, it’s back, and I grabbed it like a medium-sized dog going after a chicken wing that’d fallen off the dinner table. Hopefully it won’t get pulled again, but better safe than sorry.

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