Hulu Plus Drops to $8 Per Month

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Hulu Plus is now widely available to the general public for $8 per month, down from the beta-phase pricing of $10 per month. The online video service is jointly owned by ABC, NBC, and Fox, and features full episodes from many of the shows currently airing on the networks as well as access to a back catalog of shows from previous seasons.

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Those who paid $10 per month during Hulu Plus’ preview period will be credited retroactively on their next bill to reflect the new lower monthly fee.

The service is available through most standard computer web browsers, as well as iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, PlayStation 3 consoles and, starting today, Roku boxes. It’s also available on web-connected TVs and Blu-ray players from Samsung and Sony, and will be available soon on Vizio TVs, Xbox 360, and TiVo Premiere.

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The service is still noticeably blocked from Google TV devices, which ought to cause some confusion for Sony owners. Hulu Plus is available on select Bravia TV sets and Sony Blu-ray players, but not on Sony’s new Google TV-enabled TV sets and Blu-ray players.

Hulu’s blog post says that in the coming months, we should expect support for “many more mobile phones, tablets, set-top boxes, and Internet-connected devices to be announced.”

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